100 pop culture portraits by Alan D. - Day 11 : Ren & Stimpy

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September 15

Today I learned that hospitals have a lot of sugary food in their cafeterias. While there was nary a vegetable to be found, there was cake and pudding and even a cup full of cookies.

Maybe it’s just to try to cheer up everyone who’s in a hospital. I was visiting my friend Maddy who’s been dealing with really annoying health issues for over a year now. She’s okay—don’t worry—but medicine is surely not a science, and it takes a long time to get things just right. I don’t know if it makes me want to give up on perfect health or try harder.

September 14

Today I learned that pharmaceutical manufacturers can make a big difference in how you feel. After noticing an increase in anxiety lately, it hit me that my pharmacy had recently changed manufacturers for my Zoloft generic. I figured I was imagining things but Googled it anyway to find hundreds of complaints about the very same manufacturer that was making my new pills: anxiety, depression, headaches, insomnia. Huh.

And as a side note, I just received my new book in the mail: Coming of Age on Zoloft, which I discovered from Brain Pickings (how do I love thee?). Can’t wait to dive into that one.

September 13

Today I learned about the power of connection through Liz Elam’s CreativeMornings Austin talk based on the international theme, “Connect.” Liz started Link Coworking here in Austin and has made a career based on connecting others.

She reminded us to not be afraid of making connections and also reminded us how simple it is. “You just have to put yourself out there a little bit,” she said, and the rest will happen naturally.

It made me think about my own coworking space, Vuka, and what I could do personally to make those connections easier for me and maybe for everyone there. I see some Halloween party planning in my future…

September 12

Today I learned, or re-learned rather, that you should always assume the best about people. There was a girl today who I’ve seen multiple times but who I assumed didn’t want to talk to me. But once I finally interrupted her work and introduced myself, she revealed a friendly smile and kind demeanor—she was just shy. People are really pretty awesome when you give them a chance.

September 11

Today I learned that the word “quite” doesn’t mean the same thing in America as it does in the UK. Wha-aaat? That’s kind of fascinating to me, but it’s also scary because think of all those times J.K. Rowling probably wrote the word “quite” in her books! I’m going to have to go back and re-read them all with this new knowledge.

Quite interesting, right? (Yes, that means very.)

September 10

Today I learned that making a u-turn in downtown Austin is not always easy. Missed a turn this morning trying to make it right on time to a meeting but spent 10 minutes just trying to get back. Is there any worse combination of frustration than traffic, being lost, and being late?

September 9

Today I learned that making roasted potatoes is really easy but shouldn’t be done when it’s still summer in Texas. Cooking doesn’t bore me like it used to (due mostly in part to my audiobook obsession) but it still often just feels like a waste of time to me.

September 8

Today I learned about a beautiful little dog park called Red Bud Isle. I’d heard ravings of it before but had never gone. Why I chose a 100-degree, pre-rain day (see: humidity level 100%) to go check it out defies logic, but it was pretty great nonetheless.

The parking down there is terrible, and they’re trying to get more funding for it. You can get involved or make a donation on their website.

September 7

Today I learned that Nordstrom Rack is a wonderland. I’ve been a lot more focused on what I wear lately and have consequently spent much more time and money than usual on clothing. I like high-quality things, but I also want more pieces since I’m essentially completely unenthused with my entire wardrobe (which is a consequence, I think, of realizing I’m getting older and need to dress as such) so this place is a really good middle ground. Plus, they ditched their checkout counter in lieu of Apple-store-esque mobile clerks who can ring you up anywhere in the store. Technology wins my heart every time.